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We know that the health care services are not at their best at the last few years.
There's a shortage of experienced radiologyst all over the world, and that meand that you have to wait a long time for analyzing,
get review which is not always accurate, due to huge pressure on the doctors.
There's a 30% rate of mistakes, that in some cases can affect on your life in a meaningful way.
Let us give you a fast, proffesional and accurate second opinion, using our experienced doctors.

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Dr. Deborah Amador

The analysis is preformed by Dr. Deborah Amador – an experienced radiologist who specialize in all areas of radiology.


Why Us?

Dr. Deborah Amador is an experienced radiologist from San Jose, Costa Rica. She’s working extensively in the field of Radiology for the last 15 years, in a few hospitals and private medical centers in northern America, and online radiology telecommuting services.

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Dr. Amador has helped me solve a complicated scan, after all doctors at the hospital didn't knew what is going on with my body and her analysis was different and right

Mr. Rodrigo Singh San Jose , Costa Rica